Kengen MD and  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rebbeca Miano officially joined the World Bank Advisory Council on Gender and Development for a two-year term effective Thursday, July 2.

The Advisory Council is made up of high-level representatives from governments, the private sector, non-profit institutions and the academia.

The advisory group on gender is responsible for informing the World Bank’s approach to issues of gender equality in its operations around the world.

It is one of a number of key organs that offer solutions to inform the programs of the World Bank; an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to governments of various countries.

Accepting the appointment on July 7, from World Bank Managing Director, Development Policy and Partnerships, Mari E Pangestu, Miano stated that she was honoured.

“I am greatly honoured to join World Bank Group’s Advisory Council on Gender and Development. As a participating member, I look forward to impacting positively in the advancement of the gender agenda towards shared prosperity,” she stated.

Miano has been the MD and CEO of Kengen, which provides an estimated 80 percent of the electricity consumed within Kenya, since August 2017.

Among other things, she has earned plaudits for spearheading the Pink Energy initiative meant to introduce more women into the industry and to empower them by developing their skills.

She made reference to the program as she accepted the World Bank appointment, noting that it offered a glimpse into how gender equality could be a catalyst for growth by organisations in the industry.

The program introduced in 2018 was meant to ensure women participate fully in mega energy projects and have their place in key innovation and management teams in the sector.

Pangetsu noted that the appointment of Miano tied into a larger plan that the World Bank began implementing in 2016 which aims to close gaps between men and women in areas including ownership of assets, employment and finance.

The strategy also aims to address gender-based violence (GBV) by preventing and responding to it.