Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya on Thursday, July 9 met with Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa to discuss a number of political agendas.

Also present in the meeting that took place at Oparanya’s office was the Kakamega Deputy Governor Phillip Museve Kutima.

Speaking to the media, Didmus revealed that he paid Oparanya a visit to get a better understanding of the political landscape in the Western region.

“I admire his commitment because he is not like other leaders, I went to see him on consultations on a number of issues and went to see him as part of my plan to improve my ideas.

“Our discussions were focused on how the Mulembe nation is going to benefit from his relationship with Raila Odinga, I also told him of the power arrangement the Mulembe nation has with William Ruto,” he noted.

Didmus noted that Oparanya’s response to how Raila benefits the Western Region was that no one can survive without forming a political coalition.

The Legislator also revealed that he tried to convince Oparanya to join Deputy President William Ruto’s Tanga Tanga team.

Baraza used the analogy of the mustard seed to answer whether he had succeeded in his bid noting that he might have planted a seed that will germinate maybe in a year to come.

The Jubilee Member of Parliament shared a list of leaders from the Kielweke team that he holds in high regard and warned of a looming paradigm shift in the Western region.

“From that group, the people that I respect are honourable Oparanya, the likes of Cleophas Malala and they are bigger than those that have existed for many years.

“We are going to have a paradigm shift in the Mulembe nation, we need new blood, all the so-called seasoned politicians have expired and we have suffered because of their poor planning,” he explained.

Both Oparanya and Didmus took to social media to post about their meeting.