A 26-year-old Jihan Abass was chosen to represent Kenya and Africa in a global competition that brings together some of the greatest minds in the world. 

She represented Kenya in the InsureTech Connect 2020 that took place on September 21-23 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas US.

InsureTech Connect is the largest gathering of the leading minds in insurance innovation and transformation.

The 2020 event involved 8,000 of the leading minds in insurance innovation and digital transformation, representing more than 65 countries from across the globe.

The Griffin Insurance CEO first made headlines when she launched Kenya’s first digital insurance company. 

Jihan graduated from the University of London where she studied investment and risk management.

However, she became a sugar trader and was one of a handful of women in the business just like insurance.

She later went for her masters of business administartion at the Univesity of Oxford.

She served as the co-chair of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Oxford Business Network.

Abass’ lightbulb moment came in 2016 at a restaurant in Kenya when she learned her waiter didn’t have health insurance.

After a lot of research, she found out that insurance penetration in Kenya was low and health insurance coverage was only at 19%.

While her company deals with motor vehicle insurance, she hopes to to cover other sectors in future.